American Frontier Explorers Facts

American frontier explorer Christopher Kit Carson
Frontier explorer Kit Carson

Introduction - American Frontier Explorers

In this section of Famous Explorer Facts you will find information on famous American frontier explorers. You will find facts about such brave people as Lewis and Clark, John Charles Fremont, Zebulon Montgomery Pike, Daniel Boone, and Christopher "Kit" Carson. These famous explorers ventured out from the safety of cities and towns into uncharted land. Find out who these brave men and women were, where they ventured, and why they took such great risks. All our list of facts are written for both kids and adults.

This section does not cover the famous explorers of the Age of Exploration. For facts about them go to the home page and then select the particular country you are interested in. Most of the explorers in this section are from the 1700s and 1800s.

List of Famous American Frontier Explorers