Christopher Columbus's flag ship the Santa-Maria
Columbus's ship the Santa-Maria

Introduction - Famous Explorers

Who would you list as the most famous explorers in history? Often the great explorers of the Age of Discovery such as Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Hernan Cortes, or Ponce de Leon come to mind. These men were indeed great explorers who deserve a spot on the most famous explorers list; however there are many other explorers throughout history who have gained fame for their daring explorations.

It is the nature of mankind to explore, indeed before recorded history there were daring explorers who ventured out to see what lied beyond the mountain range or across the river. In fact this is how the world got populated. A great example that comes to mind of this ancient exploration includes the brave people who migrated across the land bridge that thousands of years ago joined Siberia to Alaska across the Bering Strait to populate the Americas.

On this site we will provide lists of kid-friendly facts about famous explorers from many different time periods and countries. All written in a kid-friendly format. There will be categories on famous Spanish explorers, Portuguese explorers, Italian explorers, English explorers, American explorers, and much more. Below you will find a list of what has been the motivation for exploration throughout the ages followed by a list of the top ten most famous explores (a list which is certainly up to debate and discussion).

List of What Motivates Famous Explorers

Top 10 Famous Explorers