John Cabot Facts

Italian Explorer John Cabot
John Cabot
The famous Italian Explorer, who sailed for England, John Cabot is credited with being the first European, after the Vikings, to explore North America. Although Christopher Columbus had sailed to the America's five years earlier; he had not explored North America but rather had landed much further south in the Caribbean. On this page we list interesting facts about John Cabot including when he sailed to North America, where he landed, and how he was supposedly lost at sea. This information is written for both kids and adults.

John Cabot Interesting Facts and First Voyage

John Cabot Second Voyage Facts

Information on Cabot's second voyage comes from a few short letters and an entry in a chronicle of the city of Bristol, England written in 1565. These sources are not considered entirely reliable and provide some conflicting information.

John Cabot Last Voyage and Conclusion